The Man Behind The Lens

I’ll bet you are wondering who the heck is responsible for capturing  the  large majority of all  of the beguiling beautiful and inspiring images and video footage used for this blog?  ….Well, it is none other than the incredibly handsome and talented photographer Aaron Ashley! Aaron  has the “eye” and wonderfully unique ability to always find something interesting and beautiful in even the most mundane of scenery . He ingeniously  plays with light and shadows in his images, for this and man y other reasons you will know that with  just one look at his work you are experiencing the work of  A true artist ! 

Aaron Ashley Photog

Aaron Ashley, A travel Connaseur,  Budding chef and uniquely talented, experienced Wedding and Fashion Photographer. Aaron has been  working his craft for…..

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Hello you wonderful lovely travellers, dreamers.... Family and Friends! My name is Chrissy...but you can call me Chris, Christine...Speckles...Freckles...or Polka dots! Chances are i will most likely respond to any variations of those <3 I am just your average girl raised in a small town, Learning the steps to the sometimes clumsy, fun, scary and all together fabulous dance called life. I have spent the majority of my time thus far, devoted to my studies; with a diploma in Global Humanitarian studies at the U of W & studies in Ba science in Cell/Molecular Biog. and Env. Sci at MRU. I have been fortunate enough to travel to more places in the past year then i have ever been to in my entire life! Modelling has provided me with multiple opportunities to experience different parts of the world. First to Toronto Canada, then to NewYork NewYork to overseas to Paris and other parts of France! A few Journeys in and i can happily tell you that these little journeys have unbeknownst to me, altered the rest of my life's path in the best possible way! After all of the grand adventures travelled outside my little safe bubble here in Cochrane Canada, I have caught the"Travel bug"! And once you are bitten by this bug the only known antidote is, well... to travel more of course! And hopefully, if all goes well i will affably be affected by this bug the rest of this wonderful life!

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