Tirar la casa por la ventana

Tirar la casa por la ventana! Translates to Literally: throwing the entire house out the window. It is one of the sayings here in Barcelona and one that, speaking for myself personally and probably for many others alike … Know and practise this far too often in our busy day-to-day lives! It means spending more than you have without any limitations or regard for future repercussions, It comes from way back in the 18th century when lottery was first introduced to Spain, People were so full of hope and false confidence that they would “win the lottery” that they would “chuck” all of their belongings out the window in the hopes of getting more even better stuff! Anyways, Aaron and i have learned the hard way that we need to be more careful with how and where we “chuck” our money! We have discovered that you could spend an easy $20 on one plate of Paella that fills you up for mabey an hour or so, or you could go into one of the many Supermercados and purchase enough groceries to cook Paella for twenty people and still only spend a quarter of the cost of that same one dish in a restaurant!

We do not remember days, we remember moments <3[/caption] Same goes for public transportation, again you could easily spend $40 on one taxi to and from your destination or jump on one of the many subways, busses or trams for only a couple of Euro! Or... heck, Strap on them walking shoes and break out the map! If you get lost along the way that makes for even more of an adventure. Sometimes it is better not knowing what to expect… challenge yourself! Mabey you will stumble upon a cozy quaint little cafe with the best cafe o'le and sumptuous pastries or mabey a magical beautifully lit little back street! Who knows what you will miss! Sometimes I find the best moments and experiences happen between the checked boxes of my "must see lists"! [caption id="attachment_128" align="alignnone" width="6000"] Adventure backpacking

Our four and a half hour bus ride on the FliX Bus from Montpellier to Barcelona was slow yet so lovely, we were able to take in the charm of the spanish countryside while polishing off some leftover bakery and wine from our previous destination. Driving towards the sunshine was exciting and the perfect metaphor for how we were both feeling moving forward in our adventures! The only bad part about our bus ride was…well it was still a bus which means another nightmarish toilet that must be shared with all 50 other strangers! and NO toilet paper or soap! UGH!! This would be a good time to note the importance of the importance of bringing toilet paper and hand sani with you when travelling to other countries …well at least this time I can happily say we were not left with just a hole in the ground to pee in!

In life …Shoot high!

The Sagadra Familia

aaron playing with his lenses

Our time spent in Barcelona was An absolutely stunning majestic and enchanting experience..the city was as the spanish say an “Encantadora ciudad”! We spent a lot of our time wandering around the skinny ancient cobblestone streets, drinking coffees in little cafes and testing out many different little tapa restaurants…we also took the opportunity to go explore around the many architecturally magnificent structures such as the Sagradra Familia! We also discovered one of my favorite animals.. pigs!! roaming wild around the grounds of the university at the residence we were staying at! Over all Barcelona was a charming city! Aaron and I just couldn’t seem to get enough of the old buildings, cobblestone streets and delicious Tapas heavily influenced by the fruits of authentic spanish cuisine!
A treasure on our map

The thing about Barcelona is, you really do not need to spend loads of money attending all of the touristy expensive attractions, just a walk down any street is enough and allows you to have a delightful experience of the old world splendour and spanish culture! My advice for having the best possible Barcelona experience would be to live as the locals do…wear comfortable shoes and take a walk through the streets, don’t take the cabs…venture through the markets…try and strike up a conversation with a friendly local to learn about their favorite spots! Just get out there and get lost for a while! I also highly recommend a travel guide…that way you can take your own historical tour! Barcelona is where the history is at and those little travel guides are like the treasure maps to the heart of the city!

First day in Montpellier France!

The best bakery’s are in France
Old world! Beautiful moss thrives in the cracks
Beautiful streets
Meeeeee and a fountain
Aaron exploring the streets!
First night in France…Chrissy’s loot! 😍
We arrived in Montpellier,France only just yesterday but so far it has been quite an interesting experience! This town has such a beautiful mix, both with the exotic allure of Spanish flare and an old world Paris feel to it! …plus PALM TREES!! 😍 But However Unlike Paris or Spain, Montpellier is most definitely not over run by tourists….Our hotel we are staying at, The Preméré classé Quest Saint Jean de Védas has everything we need, but feels like we have been stuffed into a miniature land consisting of a tiny cubical with beds that are comfy but so short our feet hang off the end, the shower has lovely hot water (which was so very comforting after a day and a half of travelling)…but as aaron puts it….the shower could do with a curtain that’s a little less intimate to the nether regions!
On Our first night here we hadn’t any time to go shopping and grab groceries and I was starving so instead we settled for the restaurant across the street from our hotel ….it had many of my favourite things …like pickles, olives, ketchup, fresh French tomatoes and Fresh breads, macaroons and fruits and my new favourite thing…this yummy date mushy stuff that looked like sticky baby pudding that i will marry one day or at least find it somewhere in Canada so that I can drown everything I eat with it!!…I think I cleaned out the buffet table …actually I think I cleaned out the entire restaurant of that delicious date stuff, Aaron laughed at me, he said the staff looked on at me in wander and slight disgust as I was eating up their condiment like an entree :p he said it was as if I filled a salad bowl with dressing and slurped it up 😝 which I would never do ! Anywho I think the French staff here think I’m slightly nuts 😉 aw well ….that mushy date stuff was well worth it! Aaron and I spent our day adventuring and exploring the quaint busy little French streets of Montpellier, only our first day and we have done so soooo much walking! Our main mode
OF transport was the Tram system which we took for only 1.60€, we took the tram from Saint Jean le sec to Grande Roche historical downtown Montpellier. It would appear as though all of the locals here own a dog, dogs are allowed into every establishment here including the restaurants where for a price you can happily eat alongside your loyal furry companions….not sure if it is just a French thing but all the locals here also smoke cigarettes! It is like a fad here, but they all look classy af doing it! Aaron and I have also found the most affordable way to eat and drink here in Montpellier and that is to hit up the local grocery marts, there you can find bottles upon bottles of wines for only a couple of dollars as well a second fancy cheeses and breads amd well basically everything you could want for a tiny price (a fraction of what we pay back in Canada).

One of the most interesting funny things about this place is the washrooms …as you will soon see in our first video post (coming soon), the washrooms are all so very different here and are anything and everything but normal, they make using the bathroom here an experience in itself. Aaron almost successfully trapped himself in a robot controlled high tech self cleaning washroom, while I was forced to pee in an ancient standing toilet in a saloon bar!!! Literally STANDING over a hole with two pedestals for your feet! It appeared as though the bartender was laughing at me upon coming out of that horrific bathroom!
Well I apologize for the terrible grammar and spelling throughout, I’ll get better…promise ….well mabey! Anyways I am signing off….I bought a jar of that delicious date mush with my name on it and it is callin me !….I also gotta scout out the bus station here as tomorrow
we leave for Barcelona Spain! 💙💙🎒ta ya ta for now you lovely folks and stay tuned for a video coming to you shortly 😉…
P.S. Aaron doesn’t like the smell of my delicious snacks I brought back to the room (he calls it “fomit “:a blend of fart and vomit) I disagree of course but he wanted to add something to our post anyways he is requesting someone send an air freshener from Canada 🇨🇦 preferably downy fresh scented!